How to Write Your Remote Job Resume

But by following these resume tips, you can ensure your resume is up for the task. An obvious place to do this is in the skills section of your resume. For example, working successfully in remote teams requires you to be comfortable with asynchronous communication and remote collaboration. In this case, you list responsibilities and accomplishments as usual and mention that some of projects or assignments were done remotely. For instance, you can write “Created articles for email newsletter and corporate blog while working from a home office”.

Showcasing a track record of success and remote work skills boosts employment prospects for work-from-home employment opportunities. But, that doesn’t mean you won’t be a productive and successful remote employee. You just have to know what skills companies want for remote jobs and how to point them out to potential employers.

Incorporate it in your summary of qualifications

Discover when to shift, the value of self-reflection, strategic networking, and grasping the job market. Working from home can be hard for many to maintain focus or motivation, and some are just not skilled technically enough. Using quantifiable achievements, however, will put your accomplishments into a perspective that will market your capabilities better.

  • Apply that to your whole team, and you’ll know exactly how many man-hours it’ll take for the project to wrap up.
  • If you want to be a successful remote worker, you have to learn to be proactive about the projects you take on.
  • Apart from digital skills, working from home needs valuable soft skills such as self-motivation, discipline, adaptability, flexibility, and much more.
  • If you’re a copywriter, web developer, or graphic designer, create an online portfolio and collect your best work there.
  • Remote work has become a synonym for flexibility, autonomy, and often less time on the clock.
  • Being proactive about taking on new projects that are proposed, or coming up with ideas yourself, are appreciated in any work environment, but even more so in a remote job.

For employees, this means upskilling to acquire critical remote working skills to stay relevant and to get ahead in their careers. Being proactive about taking on new projects that are proposed, or coming up with ideas yourself, are appreciated in any work environment, but even more so in a remote job. For the technology question, it would be things like Slack, Skype, Google Docs – those are listed very clearly as requirements and you should add those to your resume as long as you have those skills. Another skill is problem solving and troubleshooting, with technology or otherwise. Being somebody who can make sure that you know how to tackle the first parts of a problem, or you know who to bring in to help you solve a problem.

#4. Highlight Remote Working Skills

It’s essential that you research the company before applying for the job. Start with the company’s website and familiarize yourself with its products and mission. From there, you can listen to or watch interviews with the CEO or members of the leadership team. You can also use our remote company profiles to learn about thousands of companies, their tech stacks, and company cultures.

You can check out our various resume writing guides for inspiration too. Not really – you just need to show the hiring manager that you have the skills that’ll enable you to succeed in a remote work environment. As such, the hiring manager is less likely to give you a shot if you don’t have any experience working remotely.

Job Title or Location

Of course, if you were working remotely full-time during the pandemic, that’s obvious remote work experience. So, you’re working from home sometimes; that hybrid situation that we’re hearing about now. It can also be experiences like working across time zones or digital collaboration within an office team. If you were ever working remotely when your children were home sick from school, or while you were waiting for the plumber or something like that, that can count as well. No matter where you are in your career journey, landing a remote job requires careful consideration of what you have to offer a new company. Because remote jobs require a special set of skills, you’ll want your resume to reflect that — whether you’ve already had experience working remotely or not.

When choosing your location, you can list either the location where you were based or the location where your company is based — there’s no need to specify which if you don’t want to. There are how to list remote work on resume a few different ways to make it clear on your resume that you’ve worked remotely (or are open to remote work in the future). Twice a week you can receive stories, jobs, and tips in your inbox.

Example 2: Demonstrate remote work skills in the resume summary section

Charts, graphs, images of any kind – those will all be completely invisible to an applicant tracking system. Margins that are smaller than a half an inch even, none of these things are really parsable by applicant tracking systems. Any information you are adding to those formatting pieces is basically invisible to an applicant tracking system and you will not be searchable.

how to put a remote job on your resume

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